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Hotel Management System

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Try the local version 4.0 for free for 10 days ! Hotel Management System is a web based hotel management software ready for install in Windows 7 and 8. It's scalable and ready for unlimited hotels, users, rooms and guests. Download the software and try it for free during 10 days.

The software is ready for hosting and is optimized for independent hotels, hotels chains and hospitality service providers that want a complete web based hotel software system in their own servers.

Check the pricing page for more information about licensing (Applies only to the local version).
Register the newest version 5.0 cloud service account. It's Free ! The software includes booking management, guest relationship management, point of sale and folio management, channel management integration, billing system and reports. The web site and direct booking are also included in the software.

What are the differences between and ?

The HotelASP is the online service and Hotel Management System is the download and install version. Also known as the shareware version.
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